Nathanael Kang is an artist based in Hong Kong. Working primarily in ink and watercolour on paper, he uses his artwork and sketches to cultivate a sense of child-like wonder at the world around him and find beauty in the everyday.

An architect by profession, Nathanael is particularly drawn to the built environment and urban spaces. Living and working in a city that is ceaselessly changing and enamoured with novelty, he is nevertheless enamoured by buildings and spaces that have aged with time and often overlooked. Through his artworks, he invites viewers to see their usual surroundings through new eyes.

More of his artwork and sketches can be found at @nathanaelkang_sketches on Instagram.

Nathanael Kang 是一位居住于香港的艺术家. 他热衷于水墨与水彩画的创作,希望通过他的作品能保持如孩童般对世界的鲜活感受并且发掘日常事物之美.

同时他也身为一名职业建筑师, 尤其喜愛探索建築環境及城市空間. 尽管在一個不斷變化和日新月异的城市生活和工作,他仍然被那些隨著時間流逝而老化,並經常被忽視的建築和空間吸引。Nathanael 希望通过他的作品大家能以崭新的眼光看待他們周围的環境。

欲了解他的更多作品,可在Instagram上关注 @nathanaelkang_sketches